Courses are organized on a weekly basis with the choice of morning or early evening lessons (dependant on numbers enrolling). For those taking up rowing for the first-time classes will be held using more stable training boats (shells) and from these, you will graduate to racing shells.


New rowers will learn the basics of the rowing stroke, become familiar with the parts of the shell, oars, and riggers as well as how to launch and sit in the boat. New rowers will get significant “time-on-the-water” during each course.

Starting date to be announced.


Following the LTR courses, participants can sign up for subsequent classes or move into the Novice sessions. Coaching will focus on preparing rowers for the Masters Competitive / Intermediate program. Single scullers wishing to have private instruction may make their own arrangements for one-on-one coaching directly with our coaching staff.


Novice rowers will be encouraged to enter local regattas. In the spring and summer, these are the sprint races many of which have a Novice category. The Head Races (3 mile) regattas in the fall are particularly enjoyable with staggered starts and again many have Novice categories.

Daily Schedule:

These courses are dependent on sufficient numbers signing on for each session.

   LTR (Level 1):

  •     Mornings: Tuesday or Friday 9:30am to 11:00am
  •     Evenings: Monday or Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm

   Level 2 & Recreational:

  •     Mornings: Wednesday or Friday- Time to be announced


1 x a week sessions

$140 for 4 weeks (4 people minimum) 


This program will begin in May.  Courses (morning and evening) will last for four weeks until the end of October.


Email us at or call 860-350-4004

Private Lessons

Private lessons focus on improving technical skills on an individual basis. In a one on one setting the Athlete/Student learns drills and complete motions to come close to the ideal rowing technique. In addition, coaches will work on conditioning in conjunction with the technique. Separate portions of the rowing stroke will be isolated and systematic improved and late put together into the complete motion.


  • One person lesson $120
  • Two person lesson $70 per person
  • Three person lesson $50 per person
  • Four person lesson $40 per person

Private Lesson Form