Courses run for four weeks and are offered in the morning or early evening**.  For those taking up rowing for the first time, classes begin using stable training boats (shells) with rowers graduating to racing shells as they progress from LTR to the novice level. 


First-time rowers will learn the basics of the rowing stroke, become familiar with the parts of the shell, the oars, and the riggers as well as how to launch and sit in the boat. The goal is a lot of ‘time on the water.’     Meets once a week for four weeks.   


After progressing through LTR course(s), participants typically move into the Novice sessions, where the focus is increasing skills and independence, readying rowers for the Masters’s Competitive/Intermediate program.  Meets once a week for four weeks. 


New rowers will have the opportunity to enter local regattas that offer a Novice category with 1k races in the spring and summer.  In the fall, longer races or ‘Head Races’ (typically about 3 miles distance) also have novice categories. 

Those who prefer to have private lessons can make their own arrangements for one-on-one coaching directly with our coaching staff.  See below. 


   LTR (Level 1): Starts May 1st.

  •  Mornings: Tuesdays from 10:30am to 12:00pm.

  •  Evenings:  Mondays and Fridays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

   Novice (Level 2):  & Recreational:

  •     Evenings: Tuesdays 6:00pm to 7:30pm


The LTR program will begin in May.  Courses (morning and evening) will last for four weeks until the end of October.  **These courses are dependent on at least four participants registering for each session. 

Each course meets ONCE a week for a 4-week session.  COST:  $140 

Adult Learn to Row June Form

Adult Learn to Row July Form


Email us at or call 860-350-4004

Private Lessons

Private lessons focus on improving technical skills on an individual basis. In a one on one setting the Athlete/Student learns drills and complete motions to come close to the ideal rowing technique. In addition, coaches will work on conditioning in conjunction with the technique. 


  • A Lesson for one person is $120.

  • A lesson for two people is $70 per person.

  • A lesson for four people is $40 per person.

Private Lesson Form